Episode #8 From Sales to Recruitment

About the podcast

Hi people :)

My name is Elmira. I am a recruiter with 6 years of experience. I love people hence I love my job which gives me the opportunity to help companies grow and propose the best offers to the candidates.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to spread knowledge through our very beautiful podcasts.

Our guest today is Buki Tech Talent Acquisition manager at Delivery Hero. She will share her story of how did she change the industry, from Sales to Recruitment.


In this episode, we will discuss the sales in Recruitment

  • How to change the industry
  • What skills are necessary to become a Talent Acquisition Specialist

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0:00 Guest introduction
01:56 Why Recruitment?
04:00 Can u pls share what are the sales tips you use in recruitment?
11:14 What would be your advice for those who want to change the industry and become a recruiter like you?
16:00 talking about fake background :)
17:30 Outro

Thanks for listening!


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