Episode #6 -The difference between an RPO/Agency and in-house recruitment.

About the podcast

Welcome to The Sugar-Free HR, hosted by Elmira Jafarli Mammadova, I am recruiter with 6 years of experience. I love people hence I love my job which gives me the opportunity to help companies grow and propose the best offers to the candidates.
I am very thankful for the opportunity to spread the knowledge through our very beautiful podcasts.

The episode

Our guest today is my ex-colleague, Patricia Kantor. For most of her career, she was a Tech Recruiter, working in agencies and in-house. We used to work together at Cielo on a tech project.

Today we are going to discuss the difference between an RPO/Agency and in-house recruitment.

In this episode, we will discuss her experience working as an agency recruiter as well as an RPO and in-house.

- How was her transition to become an in-house recruiter.

- What are the challenges, pros and cons in all these roles

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Our guest today: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kantorpatricia/

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0:26 Guest introduction

3:12 How was your transition from Agency, RPO to in-house?

4:41- Do you think in-house recruitment is more easier/ relaxed than agency/RPO one?

6:01 What are the cons and pros being in-house/RPO or agency recruiter?

19:00 Have u ever had any difficulties getting candidates while u were agency recruiter?

21:14 Tips on how to attract candidate when you can't share the company name

23:00 Can u pls share tips for agency recruiters as well as in-house?

26:45 How to start career in recruitment?

29:53 Summary of our beautiful podcast